On the night of August 15th, the end of Stratigoula Giannikopoulou’s painting exhibition, which explored the fourfold thematic: hands, tools, people and buildings- place, signaled the conclusion of the 2019 Festivities of Stone organized by Blossoming Stones in Lagadia, Arcadia, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Region of Peloponnese and the Municipality of Gortynia.

More specifically, the 3rd Workshop included the training on the traditional stonemasonry under the guidance of old craftsmen from Lagadia and a master craftsman from Pentalofos, Macedonia. Trainees and trainers managed to complete the projects planned in the context of the training program (construction of a traditional kiln, restoration of a cobblestone path and of a traditional fountain), in selected parts of the traditional settlement of Lagadia, after first being trained in the basic principles of stonework and stone carving.

The parallel events of the 3rd Workshop were also particularly successful.

On Sunday, July 21st , a large crowd attended the opening of Stratigoula Giannikopoulou’s, a graduate of the School of Fine Arts, painting exhibition which displayed works inspired by the life and work of craftsmen. The excellent presentation delivered by journalist Mr. Vatopoulos excited the audience. The exhibition lasted until August 15th, last day of the 2019 Stone Festival.

On Monday, July 22nd, Mrs. Z. Saliba presented the book "Natural Fountains of Arcadia" (Rookrines tis Arkadias) by AUTh Professor Arg. Petronotis. Mrs. A. Georgiadou, Mr. F. Papachatzis and Mr. Arg. Petronotis contributed to the discussion with interesting information in regards to the construction of public fountains but also with a series of various cultural elements associated with them.

The 2019 Festivities of Stone ware extremely successful and highlighted the basic aspects of the stone culture through a rich program of events. The quality of these events, the richness of the content, the number of attendees and the promotion of the festivities by the national print and electronic media prove that the 2019 Festivities of Stone were a large-scale cultural event.

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