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The art of stone is a valuable tangible form of knowledge that is imprinted in the creations of the craftsmen of Lagadia. The protection and conservation of the traditional constructions that they produced involves not only the buildings per se but, in addition, preserves the knowledge treasured in them, as an intangible cultural value. Through the creations of the Lagadia craftsmen, it is important to reconstruct the entire cultural fabric of stone craftsmanship, tangible and intangible, mainly as cultural creation and heritage.

The network of craftsmen's paths, through the buildings, natural landscape interventions and locations, aims at tracing the heritage of the art of stone as part of the history and the collective memory of craftsmen belonging to different "schools" (Lagadia, Epirus, Macedonia etc.), but also as a representative sample of human creativity, a human cultural value, as it is displayed and demonstrated in the creations of the art of stone. The reconstruction of this network of paths of stone craftsmanship and of the Lagadia craftsmen as a network of cultural routes, supported by the tangible traces of this craftsmanship and serving as the projection space for the live oral testimonies of craftsmen, the collective memory and history, nurtures our vision for a new relationship between contemporary people and the culture of stone.

Through the holistic study of the works and the contribution of the craftsmen, which includes the investigation of the historical and anthropological parameters, we envision the synthesis of a comprehensive picture of an important sector of our tangible culture that characterized the transition from pre-industrial to modern and contemporary Greece. The combination of the holistic approach with the promotion of the harmonious relationship between natural and structured environment - which culminates in traditional architecture- can offer extremely useful values codes and sustainability recipes for the present and the future.



Blossoming Stones

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